BFAIR continues to provide quality care to the people receiving services in our Residential, Employment, Day Habilitation, Community Base Day (CBDS), In-Home Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) Services, Individual and Family Support and Adult Foster Care/Shared Living Services. This year our annual satisfaction survey responses were collected and analyzed through Survey Monkey. A survey link was distributed via email to 97 family/guardians and phone calls to the remaining 53 by BFAIR’s Quality Facilitator for confidentiality purposes. A total of 25% of family and guardians completed the survey. In addition to family surveys an In-Home Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) Services Family Satisfaction Survey was developed as the services are uniquely different than adult services. There was a 58% response from families receiving In-Home Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) Services. As most people we serve do not utilize email, managers from different departments were assigned people whom they are unfamiliar with to allow the individuals to answer survey questions comfortably. A total of 88% of people supported completed the survey. All surveys were manually entered into Survey Monkey by the VP Quality Compliance to uphold the confidentiality of responses.
All satisfaction surveys conducted focused on human rights, communication, responsiveness, safety, assistive technology, and overall satisfaction. The survey results are analyzed for trends and used for improvements in programming and services. Any questions, comments or concerns were directed to the appropriate department Director for immediate follow up action or contact if deemed necessary.
In conclusion, BFAIR received a high overall satisfaction rating of services provided. The agency was commended for support provided to individuals, families, and guardians, compassion, respect, as well as quality care, communication, and safe accessible environments to people supported. In addition, BFAIR’s response to COVID-19 Pandemic around safety, care, and communication received a high satisfaction rating. BFAIR’s Quality Assurance Department plans to discuss and develop strategies where there are opportunities for improvement.

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