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BFAIR Bottle & Can Redemption Center

Inspiring Abilities Creating Limitless Possibilities



  1. Place cleaned containers upright in the provided trays.
  2. Bring your trays to the attendant
  3. Collect money


No time to wait?

Drop off your bottles/cans and for a small fee we will process your redeemables.

*A one cent per container fee applies. You will receive a call when sorting is complete by redemption staff.

Becky McAllister – Director of Employment Services

Becky McAllister – Director of Employment Services



Are you looking for a great fundraiser idea?

Raise money for your charity, school, sports team or other organization while keeping the environment clean and green!

Bottle drives can be held Saturday through Monday. Call for more information and to schedule your event.

Book an appointment on our Facebook page at


To make it quick and easy, we take an average of your bags so that no one has to count!

For example, if you have 30 bags of cans, we pick 2 bags at random, count them and take the average. Since you will be filling the bags consistently the same this is the fastest and most convenient way of handling large bottle drives.

Checks will be mailed within two weeks of the bottle drive date. If non-redeemable containers are found during sorting we will deduct them from the total.

How To Sort:

Separate containers into bags using the following categories:

  • Cans
  • 1 liter plastic
  • 2 liter plastic
  • Below 1 liter plastic

Use the same sized bags for all your returnables. Fill them as much as you can while still being able to tie them closed.

Glass bottles must be placed in 6 pack containers which we can provide for you.

Sample breakdown of a bottle drive:

About the BFAIR Bottle & Can Redemption Center

After several years of managing the BFAIR Bottle & Can Redemption Center, BFAIR acquired The Center in July 2019. BFAIR was grateful for the opportunity to continue to provide employment for individuals with disabilities while also playing an important role in north Berkshire.


You may choose to donate your monies from your return of bottles/cans to BFAIR.
Donations help to support our mission.

Contact Us:

1000 Massachusetts Avenue
North Adams, MA 01247
413-663-5056 or 413-672-2867


Redemption Center Brochure


We are a national and state accredited human service agency responsive to the unique needs of people with disabilities and their families through:

  • A Dedication to Excellence
  • Fiscal Responsibility
  • Diverse Service Options
  • Community Partnerships
  • Safe and Healthy Environments
  • Career Opportunities and Advancement

These are our guiding principles. We strive to be the Berkshire’s premier service provider for persons with cognitive disabilities, autism and acquired brain injuries. It’s in our DNA and we constantly look for new ways to be the best at serving members of our community.